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Q: What should I bring/wear?

A: Just bring your fun selves and wear some boots or shoes you don't mind getting dirty. We don't recommend sandals.

Q: Is the experience kid-friendly?

A: Yes! The animals love kids. It's important for kids to let the animals come to them instead of running at them (which will just frighten them!)

Q: How long does the visit last?

A: You are welcome to stay as long as you'd like! Most people are here for about an hour / hour and a half. 

Q: Is the property stroller-friendly?

A: Because most of the visit will be in the animal pastures with taller grass, its not very stroller-friendly. 

Q: What times are best to come?

A: Weekends are when we have the most availability and the middle of day is typically when the animals aren't as focused on grazing and more interested in socializing. 

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