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Mama Jewel is the fearless leader of our flock. She came to our farm with her huge baby girl, Sherry Lou and has been running things ever since. With her confidence and leadership she made everyone feel right at home. She has the loudest voice when she's hungry and the warmest body to snuggle. 


Sherry lou

Our big girl Sherry Lou sure takes after her power-house mama! She is a big ol' mama's girl, always learning from the master. Sherry Lou has huge potential on this farm and we are loving watching her grow into her own!



This careful Mama is easy to spot on our farm due to her very round (sometimes square...?) shape. And lets not forget her gorgeous fleece! She came to our farm with her baby, Willow, and the two of them are inseparable!



This sweet baby girl can be a little shy but she is really opening up to us as she grows up under Zooey's watchful eye. She needed a little veterinary care when she came to our farm, and getting her back to health taught us to be the caring farmers we are today.



Mama Garnet came to Velvet Sheep Farms with her gorgeous twins Thule and Flicka. Garnet is protective over her girls and so sweet with them. We're lucky that her beautiful coloring has been handed down to the next generation in her babies!



Thule's gorgeous light brown coloring is so unique on our farm and really makes her stand out. She loves hanging around with her mama and sister, and is becoming more outgoing the older she gets!



The love this girl has for her mama, Garnet, is deep! She has the prettiest face and is so full of energy.  When its feeding time, she literally dives right in to make sure she gets her share!  



Oh our leading lady, Poppy! This girl has personality for days! She will not hesitate to give your jacket a little tug when she wants your full attention. Poppy loves sweet pets on her face and neck and will even nudge you for more. She loves her twin, Olive and her BFF Scout.



This social girl came to our farm with her twin sister, Poppy. These two are quite the social butterflies with the other sheep and with people! Olive knows how to work the crowd and really, who could resist that face?!



This funny girl is always the first one to come running over to us at feeding time, and literally exudes happiness when there is food around! She runs circles around us as we walk across the paddock. She can often be found "on scout" for the rest of the flock to keep her family safe. 



Oh how we love Marty, our ram lamb! He is curious, confident, and boisterous. Playful and mischievous, Marty clearly has a heart of gold. He is the luckiest to get to hang out with all these wonderful ladies everyday! 



Al was one of our very first lambs born on our farm (3 were born on the same day!) His mom, Garnet, is large and in charge so Al is definitely taking after her! He is making a name for himself amongst the rams, but is still a total softy & sweetheart!



This cutie girl is a twin with Mr. Brome below and they were the other 2 first lambs on the farm! Maggie is the calmest ewe-lamb and LOVES a long snuggle. Her confidence comes from her brave mom, Jewel. 



Brome was a heart-melter from day one! This boy couldn't get any sweeter. He will walk up to you and patiently wait for scratches and snuggles. Once you oblige you will have a friend for life!



Sweet Maple girl is a true carbon-copy of her mama, Thule. Her demeanor leans on the shy side but as soon as you aren't looking she'll sneak up to sniff you intensely! Her curiosity makes her one to watch for how her personality evolves!



This handsome boy is easy to identify with his cute black spot on his eye and freckles on his nose! On top of his good looks, he has the best personality! He is silly and snuggly and loves all the attention he can get!



I mean, just look at her! Its no wonder she earned the nickname of "Crazy Daisy"! She takes the cake for wildest hair and is just all-around kooky! She makes us laugh and we will always love her for that! 



Sprout was quite the surprise when we came out to find this little brown lamb but weren't sure who her mom was yet... we kept checking the brown ewes but eventually figured out that it was Scout, one of our all-white ewes! She looks more like her dad, Marty, but her personality is all Scout!



Goldie is the daughter of Willow and is truly her mama's mini-me. She has Willow's tight crimped wool that is truly a marvel to see! For now she mostly hangs by mom but as she gets older we know her personality is going to bloom!



This sweet boy was born on April Fool's Day so it was easy to name him Hermes after the Greek God who was known to play tricks - one of which involved stealing a herd of sheep and cleverly changing the hoofmarks to make them impossible to track!



Oh Sonny Boy! This goofball is the son of Poppy and Marty, so you already know he's a handful! He is a little rabble rouser and honestly we hope he never grows out of it!



It seems like we waited forever for this sweetheart to arrive! Pojke was the final 2020 lamb to complete our farmily (for now). He was spoiled rotten from day one but look at that face, how could we not?! 

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