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Velvet Sheep Farm's Wonderful Country Breakfasts

Breakfast Table Spread
Velvet Sheep Farms Breakfast Offering

No matter what type of Bed and Breakfast you find yourself staying in, and they certainly come in all shapes and sizes, there are two critical elements that are foundational to a good stay- a comfortable room and a delicious breakfast. We here at Velvet Sheep Farms have put a lot of time and effort into developing a filling, well rounded lineup of country staples to ensure our guests wake up to a wholesome meal every day of their stay. We also rotate the daily offerings so that each day features something different and new. Come stay with us and let us pamper you with a grand country breakfast to get you started on your grand Sheboygan adventures.

Breakfast Options in Crock Pots
Breakfast Buffet

Here at Velvet Sheep Farms, our breakfasts are hot on the table at 8 a.m. each day. But, we understand that some of our guests prefer to sleep in a little and sometimes 8 a.m. is just a bit too early to roll out of our cozy beds. To satisfy both ends, we serve our breakfast offerings using a buffet style crock pot system. This way, we can put our selections out at a consistent daily time while keeping them hot and fresh for those catching up on a little more rest and relaxation. A big fresh pot of craft coffee is brewed each day using freshly ground coffee beans and we also have a great tea selection as well. Wake up to the aroma!

Kelli's Country Style Biscuits
Top View Breakfast Spread

In order to keep things rotating and new each day, we have a great lineup of different combinations in our bullpen. Some of our options include our house specialty French Toast- definitely a go to. We usually accompany our French Toast with fried potatoes, a deliciously sweet berry compote, and sausage links. Another option that Kelli has perfected are her grandmother's recipe southern style biscuits. The biscuits are perfectly warm and flaky and we serve them alongside sweet fried apples (picked from a local orchard just down the road) with which to smother them. Oh and don't forget the fluffy scrambled eggs! Speaking of eggs, another breakfast go to is our deliciously nutritious egg frittata. Filling to the max and loaded with sausage, spinach, sweet peppers and cheese, this is truly a breakfast superfood! To round the frittata out with something sweet, we usually pair it with our home made fried donut bites rolled in powdered sugar.

To accommodate all of our guest's tastes and preferences, we also offer many alternative options including vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, and allergy conscious substitutes. We strive to ensure a delicious home cooked breakfast for everybody on every day of their stay!

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