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What Makes A Bed and Breakfast Special

With so many lodging options in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, it may raise a question as to what is the best option for you when planning for your next trip. In today's modern age, it seems the emphasis has been placed on speed and convenience at the cost of service, care, and a "personal touch". Bed and Breakfasts break this mold and provide a unique, personalized experience to complement any trip. Why might a bed and breakfast be the perfect accommodation for your trip? Let us take a little gander at the history and legacy to see why they are so special and why Velvet Sheep Farms B&B even stands out among the rest.

The tradition of the bed and breakfast is indeed an old one. The concept of travelers lodging in private residences dates back as long as recorded history. Even in the early Greek myths and Homeric tales, the gods would often pose as weary travelers to test mortals through their hospitality. In fact, failure to provide a warm bed and hot meal could lead to eternal punishment! Bed and breakfasts have also been a large part of the American tradition from the earliest days of settlers and pioneers through till today. While the options have increased and morphed to our present hotels, motels, inns, extended stays, etc..., bed and breakfasts have proven their timelessness.

Fundamentally, a bed and breakfast consists of a semi-private residence or some other noteworthy, relatively small, location in which the host resides offering boarding and breakfast to travelers on a daily basis. From this foundation, the sky is the limit on potential settings! Castles and manors to townhouses and cottages, lakeside retreats to secluded lodges; the experiences are expansive. Bed and breakfasts can be found in nearly every setting the traveler might desire. Velvet Sheep Farms further distinguishes itself by offering guests the ability to stay in cozy comfort on a small working sheep farm located just minutes from Sheboygan, Kohler, Elkhart Lake, Manitowoc, and many other awesome destinations. A nice rustic retreat from the city, or the country, complete with sheep and goats to hang out with!

Of course the inn keeper adds much to the experience and is an essential element in how the bed and breakfast looks and functions and how the guests are treated. No matter the size or shape, a bed and breakfast must offer the guest a pleasant and comfy respite. To ensure this is the case, the host is expected to provide a clean, well furnished room and common quarters. Freshly washed linens and towels along with sumptuous beds and pillows to rest a weary head are a necessity. Hot, shiny showers to wash away the day's adventures need always be provided. These matters are the hosts first responsibility; making sure each room has been attended with the utmost care and completely refreshed for each guest. Next, the host should always be available to provide excellent guest service and assistance for the best experience possible. Part of what sets a bed and breakfast apart is that the hosts are expected to reside on site. This adds accessibility and accountability at a level not found in most other lodging options. At Velvet Sheep Farms, Josh and Kelli view their role as that of the ultimate concierge and treat their guests as if familiar friends! Meticulously cleaning and preparing the rooms, they are then are on call during each guest stay to answer any questions or provide any assistance. At the same time, Josh and Kelli seek to give guests the most private experience possible.

Finally, it is incumbent on the host that guests be provided a delicious hearty breakfast each morning as they set out on their day. Not just coffee and a box of assorted pastries left in the lobby area but rounded, comprehensive meals prepared hot and fresh. As with the variation in styles, each bed and breakfast serves a unique personalized meal in accordance with their style and flare. After all, breakfast is a key element in differentiating a bed and breakfast from the myriad other options out there. Velvet Sheep Farms provides their guests with a filling country breakfast set out buffet style for convenience. With a number of different breakfast options, Velvet Sheep Farms adds great variety to each daily offering, thereby avoiding repetition day over day. In addition to the variety offered, Velvet Sheep Farms also strives to suit many tastes and allergy needs as well!

Hopefully it is clear by now what makes a bed and breakfast such a special option but the best way to experience the difference is to book a stay first hand! Please visit our booking page now to book your stay with us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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